Only from the heart can you touch the sky (Rumi)


Free:go is a collection in constant evolution of sectional – multifunctional door handles with interchangeable grips. The concept behind the Free:go project lays in the never ending contamination of Materials, Technologies and Styles, where the original shape remains unchanged.

A poster of distinction of a tribe of ONES AMONG SIMILARS.

Tributes is an ever evolving collection of jewelled handles for doors. Our mission is to tribute our most exclusive designs to those places and icons we love, to the luxurious and glamorous life style.

Metals, Diamonds, Crystal Glass, Rare Materials, Advanced Technologies, Contamination, Passion, Luxury Icons, Craftsmaship and Customization are the ingredients of our recipe.

With the Remix collection we invite Artists with different backgrounds to take the original Free:go design and add their own take, creating something completely different, still leaving traces of the original work.

It is essentially a reworked abstraction which lets the true meanings of the original piece shine through.

Sculptural designs dedicated to special clients are reproduced in Limited Editions.